Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jim Pairs Dwight's Phone

Goodbye Toby (Season 4, Episode 13)

Jim Halpert

Dwight Schrute

Dwight’s cell phone rings to start the day, but when he picks it up, the phone doesn’t respond. Jim, on the other had, clicks on his Bluetooth headset and answers a sales call as Dwight. Jim explains that Dwight left his cell phone on his desk, so naturally, Jim paired it.

Dwight’s begins to see it rationally and tells Jim he’ll just let it go to voicemail. But, before that happens, Jim picks up the call with Pam on the other line. She says he sounds sexy (he’s been working out) and this sends Dwight into a frenzy to make sure things are evaluated correctly. Pam plays her part of acting confused with Dwight yelling at her and “Dwight” on the phone perplexing her small, receptionist mind. She states her confusion, leading to Dwight’s rage. He demands Jim’s earpiece, but Jim won’t budge (it’s unsanitary). After a failed attempt at forced coherence, Dwight reprograms his cell phone to go to his office phone. Jim is way ahead of him and gets a call from Dwight’s mother on his office line (good news…he’s married; tell Father). Dwight gives up and begins to slam his cell phone against his desk while it continues to ring.

6 - Nothing bad, but nothing too special. Dwight makes the mistake of leaving his one outlet that Jim can’t touch out in the open and Jim jumps at the opportunity. I, for one, am surprised Dwight has a Bluetooth capable phone. He has the $10 outfit and the calculator watch…I’m surprised he doesn’t have a beeper and one of those thick 1980s-phones.

Length Taken
9 - Obviously this is going to drive Dwight crazy on the first try, but he keeps accepting it and moving on to an alternative. And at every corner, Jim is there to figure it out. Phone rings, Dwight picks up, Jim answers. Phone rings, Dwight refuses to pick up, Jim still answers. Dwight transfers to his work line, Jim still picks up. Phone rings, Dwight begins to destroy. That’s covering your bases.

Special Awards
Amish Kryptonite Award - How to get a humble beet farmer on edge? You mess with the limited technology he has. Well done Tuna, well done.
Doin’ it in Style Award - Everyone who ever wears a Bluetooth headset looks like a douche bag, but Jim looked pretty normal. Long hair probably helps.
The Helpful Assist Award - Way to go Pam! No one does it better. She’ll keep setting them up, and Jim will keep knocking them down.

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Anonymous said...

Dwight does have a beeper...