Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jim Wraps Dwight's Desk

Moroccan Christmas (Season 5, Episode 10)

Jim Halpert

Dwight Schrute

Dwight enters another day at the office to see his entire desk and belongings at his desk gift wrapped in festive paper.

Dwight wants to know how Jim did this (he has a black belt in gift wrapping). Dwight is quick to mention they don’t give out black belts for that. Dwight thinks he can tear through it in about five minutes, while Jim thinks it will take longer. After all, if he can skin a mule deer in 10 minutes, this should be no problem. Dwight simultaneously drops his briefcase on his desk and sits on his chair, only to see his briefcase tear through the non-existent desk and his chair to crumble beneath his weight.

9 - It’s pretty good by itself as a prank just to gift-wrap his desk. But to, on top of that, make it appear that his desk is there and crush beneath the simple weight jumps it up a level.

Length Taken
8 - It’s very simple, but can you imagine the work that had to go into getting that one ready? Jim must have stayed up at the office last night finding some old cardboard boxes and a broken chair. Not to mention, how much paper was needed to get all that done? Bravo Jim, bravo.

Special Awards
Right off the Bat Award - Don’t waste any time there Jim. Dwight walks in, notices, says about three sentences, falls through, and prank over.
Short but Sweet Award - Maybe one of the shortest pranks in Jim’s history. It clocked in at less than 40 seconds.

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