Friday, September 14, 2007

Round One is Complete...The Semifinals are upon us!

Pool C has its winners in the Ultimate Office Pranks Elimination Showdown. Dwight's stuff in the Vending Machine had the most votes in the preliminary round with 18 votes. Also, for the second straight week, we have a tie for second with Dwight as Jim and Dwight's Desk in the Bathroom. Since we had two second-place ties in Pool B and C, there will be no wild cards. That means that the eight semifinalist have been selected. They are (in no particular order):

Dwight as Jim

Jim Sets Andy up with Pam

Pam Keeps Jim Quiet

Dwight Stuff in the Vending Machine

Fun With Andy's Phone

Jim as Dwight

Dwight gets Faxes from Future Dwight

Dwight's Desk in the Bathroom

The time to vote for the semifinalist is now (on the right of the page). The top two vote getters will move on to the finals for the final poll to determine which Office Prank is the all-time best (through season three, at least). Poll closes on Thursday at 9:00 pm Eastern, so get your vote in now.

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