Thursday, April 17, 2008

Michael is set up with Wendy

The Chair Model (Season 4, Episode 10)

Kevin Malone

Michael Scott

Michael's break-up with Jan has left him desperate for a woman (don't worry, desperate situations yield the quickest results). His eyes wander to whatever smoking hot woman comes about, and that fantasy formulates with the desk chair model in this month's supply catalog. This leads him to go to his friends in the office, to come up with a friend of theirs to fix him up with, using the model as a template. He tries first with Kevin, who is looking more for himself than Michael. Then, he tries his luck with Oscar, who obviously has trusting women friends who have no worry about Oscar getting handsy. Phyllis interrupts and suggests her friend Sandy, who is not up to the Scott-rowboat-capsizing standard. Michael's dating search goes into a "formal" mode, and forces everyone to give a name of an eligible woman with the threat of being fired. Therefore, everyone goes to town on the cards. Phyllis still insists on setting up Michael with Sandy, while Stanley doesn't know anyone he hates that much to put on the card. Jim has an idea, but it's Pam's mom. She doesn't approve. Michael collects the cards and goes to the first name. Wendy, a hot and juicy redhead.

Michael's optimistic until he realizes that he has called Wendy's restaurant. The lady on the phone obviously isn't Wendy, but he requests to speak to her. She explains it's a Wendy's restaurant, and Michael figures it out. That still doesn't stop him from ordering a Frosty and a baked potato. It was already ready, so it will be set aside until he gets there.

9 - Go Kevin! Not only does Mr. Malone save the day as far as the parking situation, but he pulls his first solo prank. His first attempt at getting at Michael was unsuccessful after assists from Pam and Ryan, but he pulls off this one flawlessly. He gets an extra point for the saucy redhead wording and a bonus point for taking no credit and staying silent about it.

Length Taken
9 - If Kevin would have called Wendy's to inform them of the situation and got someone over there in on it, that would have pushed things over the top. But, as it stands, a strong pranks all around.

Special Awards
The Fly on Your Own Award - Kevin goes all in for his first unassisted prank and slams it home.
The Simplicity Award - How much effort did that take, really? Write down Wendy...check. Make saucy redhead comment...check. Look up phone number for Wendy's...check. Hand to Michael Scott...check.
The Humble Pie Award - If not for Michael saying to "Wendy" that he is Kevin's friend, would we have ever known?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Welcome to Office Pranks

Welcome. Office Pranks is a site devoted to all the pranks pulled on the Emmy-winning NBC show "The Office."

Office Pranks has seen the highest traffic in its short history in the past few days because of all the people searching for April Fool's pranks. For some ideas, just click some links on the right side of the page for the pranks from all the seasons. You can also check out the pranks pulled by pranker or by target.

Leave comments on ones you like or don't like.

New episodes of "The Office" begin a week from Thursday, so check back soon to see if anymore are on the way. Also, add Office Pranks as a friend on MySpace. Click the link on the right to go to my homepage. Hope to hear from you soon.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Is it true? Can I come out from hiding now?

Word is that the WGA has reached a tentative deal which would end the writer's strike. If this is true, then, according to sources, The Office could squeeze in five or six more episodes before the season is over. Let's all cross our fingers.

WGA news here.

UPDATE: Office director Greg Daniels says there will be six shows before the season ends. Yay!