Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jim as Dwight

Product Recall (Season 3, Episode 20)

Jim Halpert

Dwight Schrute


It’s been a while since Jim pulled a pre-meditated prank on the unsuspecting Dwight. All it takes to get Jim’s mind working is a $4 pair of glasses at a drug store. With an additional $7, he got himself a Dijon mustard-colored shirt, a salvation army tie, poop-brown suit and a calculator watch. A lazy part of the hair and voila, instant Dwight. He walks in quietly, sits down and starts proclaiming “Question. Which bear is best?”


Dwight somehow fails to catch on immediately. He answers the question until Jim continues with his best Schrute impression. Dwight finally realizes what’s up and is flattered. That is, until Jim pulls out a bobblehead doll. He quickly mentions that identity theft is no joke. After all, thousands of families suffer every year. Jim does the best Dwight impression yet as he screams, “Michael!” Dwight is quick to follow suit. Looks like Toby will have another file to add to the corporate complaints from Dwight.

8 – How many kids will be going as Dwight for Halloween? I miss my youth. Jim gets an extra point for building an entire idea around seeing and buying a $4 pair of glasses. He is and will forever be, the king.

Length Taken

9 – He went to the trouble of getting a calculator watch! If he would have done something to Angela, that would have been one for the ages.

Special Award

Falling into Your Lap Award – All Jim needed was some glasses. It was God telling him, “Go Jim. Go forth and be the best Dwight you can be.” Jim didn’t go out of his way to get the glasses, it was presented and he ran with it. Double kudos to Halpert.

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Dude I just want evry 1 to know if it were at all possible I would so marry this show!!!