Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Give my Two Cents

If you didn't already know from Sarah or Reem, our friends from The Office Chat, there is a new blog called The Two Cents.

It features commentary and interviews on various television subjects and does frequently focus on The Office. Every Friday, following a new episode, the blog does a discussion "Conference Room" of the previous episode. This features various people from different Office-based blogs and websites on the episode.

Last week, Sarah was one of the panelists and I believe Reem will be doing the commentary this week. I was also featured as one of the panelists and I will be again this week. So, head on over to The Two Cents on Friday and check it out.

For last week's conference room, click

Make sure to check back here to see updates on the latest pranks and be sure to get your vote in for the Best Prank of Season 3 poll. Voting ends next Thursday, so get your vote in.

UPDATE: For the conference room of "Safety Training," click here.

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