Monday, September 21, 2009

Michael "Cements" his Face

Did I Stutter? (Season 4, Episode 12)

Jim Halpert

Michael Scott

Michael comes in the office needing ideas. After Pam informs him that he needs to elaborate, Michael informs everyone of his lifelong dream of wet cement drying outside and his desire to leave his mark. Kevin suggests his initials of MGS, but Michael interjects that he doesn’t want Mark Greg Sputnik to take credit. Phyllis is bursting with enthusiasm, but between Michael’s pressure and her own memory, nothing is suggested. Andy suggests a picture, but is quickly shot down. Swooping in to save the day, Kelly remembers seeing Will Smith in cement (he looked sooooo good, after all) and after a translation by Pam, Michael falls in love with the idea of putting his hands in the everlasting ground. Jim sees his chance and says that if Michael was a real star he would put his face in it.

Michael loves it more. Oscar doesn’t think it’s safe, but that boyish enthusiasm can’t be contained and off Michael goes, with a just-as-giddy Dwight and Kevin in tow. Outside, Jim is giving what sounds like a eulogy, but is just ramming home what his brain-child has given forth. Dwight provides a straw for breathing and Vaseline for…well, I don’t know. Dwight seems like he is smothering him in the cement, but Michael comes up with plenty of cement on his face and a place to show his kids where his daddy left a face-hole.

4 - Not too much to do with this. Michael wants to mark cement. Kelly suggests hands, Jim suggests face. Michael obliges. He could have gone with a full-body cementing.

Length Taken
6 - Jim’s lofty speech (We’re not here to immortalize a man…) tries his best, but this is pretty standard stuff in Scranton these days. Where were the cheers for a cement angel? I was a little disappointed.

Special Awards
Knowing Your Enemy Award - You knew when Michael ran in that this was going to end badly. Jim bought his time and got the job done
The Simplicity Award - That was just too easy. It took one small push and that was that

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