Friday, October 2, 2009

The Red Wire

Prince Family Paper (Season 5, Episode 12)

Jim Halpert

Dwight Schrute

Dwight begins to sort out some papers on his desk when he notices a red wire coming out of the back of his computer. Believing it wasn’t there before, Dwight asks Jim. Jim notes that computers have wires, though Dwight notices there isn’t one from Jim’s computer. Dwight continues his prodding and Jim, seemingly annoyed, goes on with his work. Dwight then sees where the wire is coming from and goes to town.

After getting around his own desk, then Phyllis’ and Andy’s, he follows it down the hall and outside into the parking lot. Jim explains that he got 500 feet of red wire at the flea market (out by Dunmore High School). It was only $20 for the whole spool. What a deal! Jim turns and looks out the window at Dwight climbing a telephone pole, continuing to follow the wire. Jim reassures us of Dwight’s safety. Jim made it up there, Dwight will be just fine.

6 - Nicely done, but somewhat middle of the road. Jim happened to stumble upon that spool and went from there. Took a lot of duct tape to get that done as well.

Length Taken
4 - There could have been a fake bomb attached to the end. Come on Jim, that’s a missed opportunity.

Special Awards
Right off the Bat Award - Again, Jim wasting no time.
The Envelope, Please…Award - Jim putting on an acting tour-de-force in convincing Dwight he had nothing to do with it and it is a normal thing. Give that man an Emmy!
Smart Shopper Award - This is not the first time Jim has used a thrift store to prank Dwight. Remember this classic?


Unknown said...

It's episode 13 not 12 but same name.

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