Monday, February 26, 2007

Calculator in Jello

Gay Witch Hunt (Season 3, Episode 1)

Jim Halpert

Andy Bernard

Jim is now working in Stamford. It is new territory for the salesman…new city, new job and new coworkers to prank. It doesn’t take long for Jim to find a Stamford version of Dwight, in the form of Andy. During the day, Andy opens up his desk drawer to find his calculator neatly placed in lime jello. Jim cracks a smile only for the camera to see.

Andy wants an explanation and asks the office who the culprit is. When Jim stays silent, Andy becomes more serious and sincerely asks for an answer. Standing up this time, Andy again pleas for the criminal to step up to the crime and take responsibility. We get a glimpse into what Andy’s mind is really like when he again asks, but freaks out, screams and kicks a trash can. Jim looks at the camera and begs not to tell the truth.

3 – This is the third time in the course of our viewing that Jim has pulled it. It was originally done with the stapler in jello and then with Michael's coffee mug. Just because it is unoriginal doesn’t make it unfunny. Jim does earn an extra point for going to lime jello as opposed to the original lemon flavor. I find that lime sits better with my stomach while lemon gives me heartburn.

Length Taken
5 – This is only this high for the sole purpose of how Jim was able to swipe the calculator, put it in jello and return it so deftly.

Special Award
Classic Award – Ah, office supplies in jello. I would like some statistics on the relationship in the sale of jello and staplers, calculators and coffee mugs.
Backfire Award – Whenever Jim pulled a prank on Dwight, it was always with the knowledge that Dwight would freak, overreact and eventually accept what has happened. Jim does not have this same information about Andy. There was never any thought to Dwight freaking, but now Jim has to take into consideration whether or not Andy is going to kill someone. The Stamford branch could turn into a post office.

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