Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pam "Times" Dwight's "Mile"

The Merger (Season 3, Episode 8)

Pam Beesly

Dwight Schrute

One early morning, Toby comes in from a mile run and gives a report to Pam. Dwight, always one for skepticism, interjects. After inquiring on Toby’s mile time (seven minutes), Dwight says he could beat it on a skateboard. Pam sees the opportunity and runs with it. Asking how fast Dwight is, he remarks that he outran a black pepper snake the weekend prior. When it comes to speed, Dwight is somewhere between a snake and a mongoose…and a panther. Pam invites Dwight outside to put his boasts to the test. With Pam timing, Dwight begins to run around the building. Pam has no intention of timing him, for she only has a digital thermometer and not a stopwatch. She remarks on Dwight’s first pass that he has three more laps to go, but later says she needs to get back to work.

Not much of one that is known. Dwight is probably still running around the building for the 32nd time until he realizes that Pam is no longer out there. Either that, or Michael has arrived at the office, told him to get inside and stop running.

8 – High points here because of the lack of pressure from Pam onto Dwight. Toby came in and talked about his run, causing Dwight to pose the challenge. Pam deftly led him outside and got him to believe that running around the building four times is just what Toby did.

Length Taken
7 – If Pam was really devoted to the situation, she would make up some numbers each time Dwight finished a lap. Then, right when he finished, she made up a time that was just below Toby’s. That’s what Jim would have done, so Pam gets deducted a point for lack of dedication.

Special Award
Falling into Your Lap Award – Dwight has only himself to blame when he turns for the final lap to not see Pam waiting with the “timer.” Dwight has dug himself into these holes for himself in almost every prank. This is why I love him.

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