Monday, February 19, 2007

Dwight's Resume

Halloween (Season 2, Episode 5)

Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert

Dwight Schrute

Dwight has always been on the last nerve of both halves of Jam. But when Halloween comes around, and Dwight takes Jim’s three-hole punch joke too seriously, the straw is broken. Pam and Jim team up to put Dwight’s exaggerated (sort of) resume online at, Google and Craig’s List. Their main focus is to get Dwight a job out of state, preferably Alaska…or India. A list of his special skills include a dog-like obedience to authority (a.k.a. the ultimate team player) and sticking to his guns (a.k.a. he likes to play with guns). When a potential employer calls the office to check his reference, Pam is quick to intercept with Jim playing the role of Michael. After a very, Scott-esqe reference, Dwight has himself a phone interview.

Dwight is flattered, to the point of believing that the resume must have been posted by a satisfied customer. Just to make sure, Dwight sends in supplemental information, which includes the essential martial arts training. This leads to a back-and-forth with the representative from Cumberland-Mills about whether or not martial arts are necessary in a resume (Dwight knows about a billion Asians who would beg to differ). Seeing the missed opportunity from Dwight, Pam tells Jim to go for the job instead, leading to negative body language and an all around bad experience about it.

7 – The interesting lengths to which the prank is taken do give it higher numbers. Putting a fake resume on these websites though is nothing new so that hurts, but the skewing of words, not to mention the speed at which the resume was answered at.

Length Taken
5 – Not much is put into this one save for the impromptu Michael Scott imitation by Jim.

Special Award
The Backfire Award – Pam gets this one. Her comments about Jim taking the job were taken in a negative light, and with good reason. Jim has been nothing but a loyal friend to her and the self-proclaimed only reason worth staying at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton. Implying that he should take the job says that not only does she think Jim should leave, but that he is not applying himself like he should. Even though it might be the truth, Pam isn’t exactly receptionist of the year.

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