Monday, February 26, 2007

Pam keeps Jim Quiet

Drug Testing (Season 2, Episode 20)

Pam Beesly

Jim Halpert

Jim is great at impressions. When he gets caught doing Stanley, by Stanley, it doesn’t mean he can’t immediately imitate him after he leaves. Unfortunately for Jim, karma works even for him and Pam comes in and says the same phrase. Calling Jim on jinx, Pam makes sure he stays silent until the rules of jinx (buying her a coke) are complete. As they make their way to the vending machine, Jim tries to buy the soda, but it is sold out. Jim wants to speak, but Pam is giddy with excitement at the thought of Jim silent for a day and goes back to her desk. Dwight’s exclamation about urine testing is inviting Jim to say something, but in the words of Pam, “The rules of jinx are unflinching.” Later, Jim is stuck in the break room with the long-winded Kelly. As she talks up a firestorm with Jim depressingly taking it all in, Pam comes in and reminds the two of an impending conference, but not before she tells them to continue the engaging banter. Jim shoots a look of respectful hate. Later, in said conference, Pam volunteers Jim to tell of his tragic past with drugs. Not about to let Pam win the day, Jim stands up, staggers and fake cries. The conference room is convinced and Pam is dumbfounded. After the conference, Pam mocks Jim in the break room.

Jim conveys almost as much with his face as he does with his words. As Pam asks if Jim if there is anything he needs to say, Jim hangs his head and laments in actually wanting to speak words that have yet to find his mouth. Knowing what we know now, Jim could have spilled everything he did on Casino Night and been completely justified. How Jim doesn’t reach across the table, grab Pam and kiss her is beyond me. Pam notices Jim’s apprehension and stops the taunting. Later, to bring Jim out of his jinx, Pam hands him a coke that he can buy for her. Jim sums everything up in the words, “What a terrible day not to be able to talk.”

6 – Jinx has been around for eons. Not to mention, this is most definitely the most original use of it. From Jim’s conversation with Kelly and the Jim’s drug confession, Pam did everything she could to entice Jim out of his silent hole. The only thing keeping Jim from opening his mouth was the fact that Pam would never let him hear the end of it.

Length Taken
8 – Friends give other friends slack all the time. Pam is not that kind of friend. Pam’s words ring true again, “The rules of jinx are unflinching.” She will not let Jim off the hook without her getting her deserved coke out of the deal. It’s not necessarily that she wants to harm Jim, but she definitely doesn’t mind getting on his nerves for the day. In the end, she couldn’t stand Jim not talking and offered a truce. Too much had happened during the day.

Special Award
Backfire Award – Pam takes too much pleasure in her conversations with Jim. It might be the only thing that keeps her going through the day to know that her friend will always shed some well needed humorous light on the subject. When Jim goes mute, it’s too much for her to handle and she puts a stop to it.
Knowing Your Enemy Award – While not an enemy; Pam is aware that Jim will submit to the schoolgirl antics of the classic jinx. Jim has far too much integrity to let a little thing like speech get in the way of quelling a prank.


Anonymous said...

"The rules of jinx are unflinchingly rigid."

I don't think that Jim gave her a look of hate as much as of admiration and disdain... she definitely got him on that one.

Neb said...

I would argue that it was playful hate. On two different occasions in season 2, Pam told Jim, "I hate you."

I see it as Jim would have said it, if he was allowed to speak.