Monday, February 19, 2007

Dwight’s Desk in the Bathroom

The Fight (Season 2, Episode 6)

Jim Halpert

Dwight Schrute

Jim likes to go for the throat sometimes. These elaborate pranks that Dwight still has no idea ever existed are getting tiresome. Something drastic must be done. Before Dwight gets into the office, Jim moves his desk, phone and everything on his desk into the men’s bathroom. His phone is even plugged in and ringing. Jim still likes to play coy, in trying to blame Dwight for losing his desk.

Dwight, upset as always, is just about to go tattle to Michael when Jim relents and begins a game of hot or cold with Dwight’s desk. As to the temperature of Jim’s directions, Dwight finds his way to the bathroom. He walks in and is somewhat stunned, but then sits down, answers his phone and gets to work. Though it is Jim on the other line, Dwight does the co-worker job asked of him. This arrangement could be beneficial, as Dwight reminds Kevin to wash his hands before leaving.

7 – We learn from a later episode that this is not the first time that Jim has screwed with Dwight’s desk, but putting it in the bathroom with everything still functional is still impressive.

Length Taken
9 – Not so much in the form of how long the prank is kept up for, but for the meticulous arrangement of Dwight’s desk, everything being plugged in and everything functional. It makes me wonder how early Jim had to get to the office in order to get everything in order.

Special Award
Knowing Your Enemy Award – Jim knows exactly what Dwight will react to and what he will put up with. Putting the desk in the bathroom was not just a choice, it was planned and the realization that Dwight would be willing to stay there with his desk had to be foreseen. Kudos to Jim, once again.

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