Monday, February 26, 2007

Karen "Takes" Shots

Diwali (Season 3, Episode 6)

Karen Filippelli

Jim Halpert and Andy Bernard

Once a quarter, the Stamford branch has to stay late to do order-form consolidation (which is even less interesting than it sounds). This is Jim’s first time to do such an activity, but Karen and Andy are regulars. Josh remarks to Karen to keep the tab for dinner under $20, which translates into Andy order shots last time out. When things get started, Andy brings out the Yaegermeister and pours the shots. Everyone’s ready to get things going, but as Andy and Jim drop it down the gullet, Karen pours hers into the trash. It is shown twice, but it probably happens more.

Jim passes out on his keyboard and misses the text message from Pam. Andy isn’t passed out but he is lying on the floor while singing an a capella version of “Closer to Fine” for a little bit of unknowing payback. The three coworkers eventually get done with their work and head off. Karen goes out first but Andy pulls out his roomy twin sleeper mattress and sleeps at the office while Jim heads out with his bike. He gets about ten feet before falling into the bushes with a nice thud. Karen rolls up and puts Jim and his bike in her car; exactly as she planned it. Jim can’t understand how Karen can hold her liquor so well.

6 – Karen definitely isn’t the first one to do this. I’ve done this same thing myself with the difference of shooting water instead of vodka. It’s very effective. Not only are the drunkards oblivious, they are amazed at your amazing power of holding liquor.

Length Taken
8 – I have no doubt that Karen came into that night with the knowledge of Andy’s alcohol and the fact that he would include big tuna. Karen knows how Andy is and she doesn’t know Halpert all that well, so I can only assume that she didn’t want to be drunk and vulnerable around them. We know that Jim would never try anything, but Karen doesn’t. Extra points for the very authentic post-drink face.

Special Award
Hidden Agenda Award – As soon as Jim fell into the bushes, everyone was aware that Karen was picking up Jim to take care of him. Karen has made mention of Jim’s likeability before during the Call of Duty game and when he got her the chips. She knew what she was doing; that saucy minx.

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