Monday, February 26, 2007

Jim's Telekinesis

Casino Night (Season 2, Episode 22)

Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly

Dwight Schrute

An innocent comment from Pam about being a roulette expert invites Dwight to criticize; knowing that roulette is a game of chance. Jim pops up and says that he can take chance out of the equation by mind control. Dwight is skeptical but Jim reverts back to his childhood to give examples of rolling marbles and shaking things. Dwight’s skeptical nature invites Jim to move the coat rack by reception. Dwight calls for the whole office to watch as Jim shows off his skill. Jim focuses on the coat rack, points and it begins to shake lightly. Dwight and the rest of the office is stunned, until it is seen that Pam was moving it will an umbrella. I have a feeling this was a giant setup and Pam and Jim had this going the whole time.

“Oh, my God.” Nothing is quite like being able to astonish Dwight. Later, he would check the coat rack for a trick, but he can’t find one. He would also try his own powers out on his bobble head.

9 – Dwight’s dream trip is to New Zealand to walk the path to Mordor and hike Mount Doom. His favorite books include the words “Harry” and “Potter.” Mind control is definitely up his alley. Jim and Pam know this and conspire to create a doozy.

Length Taken
9 – It’s never given away that it is a prank, and Dwight is the better for it. And, like I said before, I think it was all set up at Dwight’s expense.

Special Award
Knowing Your Enemy Award – Jim and Pam know what appeals to Dwight’s senses. If they had a lightsaber battle in the hallway, Dwight might have to run off to the farm with Angela. It’s an interesting dynamic that a seemingly adversarial relationship of Jim and Dwight are so well oriented with one another. If they weren’t such polar opposites, they could be friends.
Sidekick Award – A well-placed umbrella helps out Jim and sets the scene for the climax, later that night.

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Anonymous said...

You said that you had a feeling that Pam and Jim had set it up ahead of time, however.... Dwight is the one who chose the coat rack as the object that Jim should "Move with his Mind," which means that it was completely spontaneous on Jim's and especially Pam's parts. This was one of my favorite pranks because it showed their abilities to work together seamlessly and without words. I love this site--so much fun to go back and reread all of the pranks.... Have you seen the film on youtube set to Offspring's "Original Prankster" about pranks from The Office? If not, you should totally search for it--it would make a great addition to this sight!