Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dwight's CIA Letters

A Benihana Christmas (Season 3, Episode 10)

Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert

Dwight Schrute

With the quality of the teapot and its innards from last Christmas, Pam had to get something equally as great for Jim this year. Calling him over to reception, Pam tells Jim for the past few months, she has been sending Dwight letters from the CIA. As she hands him a file marked “classified,” Jim is astonished. She explains the CIA is considering him for a top secret mission, complete with an application and a list of every secret he’s ever told (after all, who knew Michael would go to magic camp). Pam’s gift to Jim is in his hands to decide what Dwight’s top secret mission will be. Of course, Jim wants to, but he says he shouldn’t because of the promotion and the new start he has. With the new-and-improved Jim off to Benihana with Michael, Andy and Dwight, Jim pulls a different prank on Mr. Schrute and realizes that it doesn’t matter that he has a promotion. Instead, he should have as much fun as possible and continue to terrorize his co-worker. Upon his return to the office, Jim tells Pam about intercepting a transmission and that the CIA needed Dwight at their Langley headquarters for training and an ice cream social with the other agents. Looking to get him a bus ticket for the trip, they realize it’s much too expensive and decide that it’s better to send a helicopter to pick him up.

Dwight waits on top of the building for the helicopter to arrive; backpack in toe. He paces and checks his watch until his phone vibrates out a message. Apparently, Dwight has been compromised, must abort the mission and destroy his phone. He looks around and throws his cell as far as it will go. He departs the roof and awaits further instructions.

10 – I love it when Pam becomes the mastermind of pranks. Her mind is vivid with originality, from government-created killer nanorobot infections, to Pretendinitis, to this. As the brains behind the operation, not only are Pam’s pranks more inventive, they seem to be nicer to the target.

Length Taken
9 (10 upon further review) – This nine will automatically be promoted to a ten if Dwight has any further prank pulled on him involving the CIA. Dwight not only admits personal information about his boss, but throws his phone as far as it will fly.

Special Award
Following Through Award – This one goes to Jim and Pam for not letting Dwight stay up on top of the building all night long. It would be cruel to do such a thing as that, so instead, they send him a text message that causes him to become rabidly suspicious.

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