Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dwight's Stuff in the Vending Machine

Booze Cruise (Season 2, Episode 11)

Jim Halpert

Dwight Schrute

Jim is ready to pounce by the time Dwight gets into the office. He has cleverly gone into cahoots with Steve, the vending machine guy. As Dwight goes up to the machine, he sees his stapler, volunteer sheriff’s coffee mug, bobble-head, nameplate, picture of his aunt and uncle, rubber-band ball and pencil cup in the midst of chips and candy.

Dwight obviously blames Jim. As Mr. Halpert sidesteps responsibility, Pam comes in and longs for a $1.00 pencil cup. After entering her quarters, the receptionist gets her prize. Dwight faces facts and searches for his wallet to buy back his possessions. As Dwight search turns up nothing, Jim points out his wallet in the J1 space. Not to leave him empty handed, Jim tosses Dwight a bag of nickels. With Schrute-esqe tenacity, Dwight quickly shovels five-cent pieces in the machine.

10 – A landmark prank for Jim. How does he think of this stuff? It always pays to be the most likeable guy in the office; anyone can help you in torture of your enemies.

Length Taken
9 – How long do you think that entire process took? Jim might have been up at the office all night trying to fit all of that stuff in there. The thing that was most impressive to me was how Dwight obviously came into the office and went straight to the vending machine. Also, where did he get all those nickels?

Special Award
Unseen Accomplice Award – To the vending machine guy. Being a friend of Jim’s always has its perks. This guy probably leads a boring, repetitive life and here come Halpert to add some spice.
Insult to Injury Award – The bag of nickels. Jim not only caused the problem, he’s going to help solve it. It makes me wonder how many things Dwight got out first before he ran out of nickels.


Anonymous said...

A "cohort" is someone with whom you hang around. I think you mean in "cahoots."

Neb said...

Correct you should be changed now.

Anonymous said...

i think it's kind of unfair to give all the credit to jim. i mean pam was a pranker too (ooh...pencil cup).

Unknown said...

Where did Jim get all those nickels? From the nickel-phone prank! Talk about some brilliant continuity...

D-Rico said...

Not only did he put all Dwight's stuff in the machine, he managed to pick Dwight's pocket to steal the wallet. He is a master criminal as well as a genius. Jim Halpert could rule the world if he wanted to