Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jim sets Andy up with Pam

The Convict (Season 3, Episode 9)

Jim Halpert

Andy Bernard and Pam Beesly

Since Jim’s return to Scranton, Pam and he have not been as chummy as they once were. Andy, unaware of the Jam situation, calls on Jim to help him out with his problem of being horny. After turning down questions about Kelly and Angela, Andy suggests Pam and Jim cracks a smile. Later, while coaching Andy about Pam, he suggests Frisbee-based competitions, hunting, Six Flags ads, and Pig Latin, all of which Pam hates. Andy goes up to Pam and frankly lays out all the cards. He does exactly what Jim tells him and Pam is astonished. She turns to see Jim looking very content with himself.

“Wow. That was…wow.” Pam is astonished at the level at which Jim has fired the first prank since being back in her direction. Continuing the onslaught, Jim gives Andy a few more pointers. These tips include playing the banjo and singing in a high falsetto voice. As Karen listens in, Jim skirts around the subject of Pam being a prank target. Andy takes Jim’s advice to heart and plays The Rainbow Connection in that sexy falsetto voice as Jim smiles along.

10 – Not so much for the fact of Jim sicking Andy on Pam, but for the tactics used. Like Jim says, he knows what Pam likes, but equally important, he knows what she hates. From Frisbee-based competitions to banjo playing, Jim has Pam pegged. Also note that Pam recognizes the skills and is in awe.

Length Taken
9 – Oh so close to a ten. The only thing that kept it to nine was the fact that Andy never left the office to pursue Pam. If Jim would have stopped after Andy’s initial attempt, then it would have been lower, but even after Pam realized what was going on, Jim told Andy to try again. Go Halpert!

Special Award
Fighting Good with Evil Award – This is the first time Jim has pulled a prank on Pam and it is a doosey. Pam is nothing but sweet or playful to Jim and he sends the most annoying and despicable person in the office to win her affections. I think deep down, Halpert is pure evil.

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