Monday, February 26, 2007

Packer leaves a "Present" for Michael

The Carpet (Season 2, Episode 14)

Todd Packer

Michael Scott

Michael gets into the office, ready for a hard-day’s labor. But, he gets an unwelcome scent as he enters his office and is immediately taken a back. It seems at first that Michael might just be overreacting, but as Pam goes to investigate, it is realized that it is treacherous. Originally identified as a dead bird, members of the office go in and correctly place blame on human feces (Creed just thinks it soup). The cleaning lady cleans up the mess, but the smell still remains. Jim, Ryan, Oscar, P am and Creed don’t accept responsibility, opening Michael up to believe someone in the office did it. He also mentions Packer and his antics back when they were both salesmen (hint, hint). He has not reasoning why someone would do such a thing, so he turns to the only possible solution…an act of terrorism. He then turns to the belief that everyone did it together and gives a timeout to the whole office. Michael even turns to his old boss, Ed Truck, for advice on what to do. Ed relates and gives advice that Michael doesn’t want to here. At the end of the day, a call from Packer puts clarity on the situation.

Michael, who was no longer willing to give kidneys to his employees, laughs it out. After finding out the true culprit, he attributes the joke to his advanced sense of humor.

3 – Michael’s conversation with Ed Truck pointed out that it happened to him as well. I have zero doubt in my mind that Packer was the perpetrator in that crime as well.

Length Taken
4 – Takes less than five minutes depending on what you just ate. Something tells me Packer is a dump and pump kind of guy.

Special Award
“You Don’t Work With Us” Award – Packer used to work for Dunder-Mifflin, but he was probably fired (too many DUIs).
Indirect Effect Award – The prank was obviously intended for Michael, but the impact certainly left a lasting impression on the rest of the office. Kevin probably has nightmares about being locked in that room.

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