Monday, February 26, 2007

Dwight Steers the Booze Cruise

Booze Cruise (Season 2, Episode 8)

Captain Jack

Dwight Schrute

On board the booze cruise, Captain Jack invites someone to hold the stick for the limbo competition. Despite Meredith’s desire, Dwight sweeps her by and offers up his manly-physique to do the duty. With some quick thinking, Captain Jack pulls a fast one and asks Dwight to steer the ship. Schrutes are born navigators, so Dwight is more than excited. Taken to the front of the boat, the captain informs Dwight to keep them on a steady course and keep a sharp eye. Dwight begins singing sailor songs and even dismisses advances from Angela.

He never knows until the last scene of Michael informing him that it’s a fake. I’m not sure he actual believes him since he has no reaction. Who does Dwight delegate to more? Is it his fearless leader and best friend Michael, or is it the leader of a boat and the captain of a patrol boat during war time in Captain Jack?

5 – How do you distract a kid during an adult activity? You give them responsibility that doesn’t hurt anyone if they screw up. Captain Jack sees that Dwight is like a child and that he has no business being on a boat full of drunks. This would be the same situation if he had found a 10-year old hiding in a crawl space.

Length Taken
6 – The length taken was the captain’s silence. Being the person in the leadership role that he is, Captain Jack notices what kind of person Dwight is and that he would be thrilled and honored to “steer” the boat. The thought of what Captain Jack could have done to make it go further gets me excited.

Special Award
Fake Responsibility Award – Nothing gets Dwight motivated quicker than the belief that he is in charge. If Dwight were really on the controls of the boat, I think we would see the first booze cruise death in recorded history.
“You Don’t Work With Us” Award – To Captain Jack, for being the first ever prankster to not work in the office.

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