Friday, February 16, 2007

Mug in Jello

The Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1)

Jim Halpert

Michael Scott

Just as he did with Dwight, Jim swipes Michael's "World's Best Boss" coffee mug and puts it into a jello mold.

Unknown due to the end of the episode.

4 - After the previous 7 for the original stapler in jello, Jim does a follow up with the boss. This time, Michael's "World's Best Boss" coffee mug (which, unfortunately, can't get destroyed by jello) gets the treatment. Since it's all about originality, definitely gets knocked down...especially since he did the jello to Dwight a couple times before.

Length Taken
3 - Again, not all that difficult. Michael leaves just a little bit early, enabling Jim to do the duty.

Special Award
Repeat Offender - Easy one for Jim since this is easily the fourth or fifth time he's done this.
Classic Award - Nothing like something in a jello mold to revert to classic pranks from "The Office."

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