Monday, February 26, 2007

Jim Sends the Office a Gaydar

Gay Witch Hunt (Season 3, Episode 1)

Jim Halpert

Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute

Oscar’s outing in the office has Michael worried about who else could potentially be of the non-straight persuasion. Dwight makes mention of Jim talking about gaydar when he was still in Scranton. Michael is skeptical but wants to double check with big tuna himself. Bad decision for them. After failing with a prank earlier in the day, Jim takes a second to catch on, but as soon as he does, he can barely contain his excitement. He refers them to Sharper Image and fakes checking online. He says it’s sold out. Undaunted, Dwight wants to check Brookstone. That could have been the end of it, but Jim’s episode with Andy surely warrants an opportunity for redemption. Dwight opens up a package, sent by Jim to the office. Inside is a note from Jim, hoping that it helps and a metal detector with some added labels to make it a full-blown gaydar.

Dwight is like a kid at Christmas. Not only is the goal being sought, but the gadget appeals to Dwight’s nature. He immediately checks it out on Oscar, and when he passes his belt, it goes off. Seeing its accuracy, Dwight lazily passes it by his own belt and hears the beep. Dwight begins to doubt himself.

8 – The term gaydar is nothing new, but Jim puts this to use like no other. Only subjects as gullible as Michael and Dwight believe that a thing such as this exists, much less exists at Shaper Image or Brookstone. The brilliance of a metal detector works as well, for all the men would seemingly test positive while a few, but not all the women would. An extra point for the homo/hetero stickers well-placed by Jim.

Length Taken
7 – The original conversation could have been the end of it, but Jim isn’t about to let a little thing like a sold out gaydar be the end of it. Extra points abound for Jim as he gets one here for putting forth the effort of shipping a metal detector to himself, doctoring it and shipping it over to Scranton.

Special Award
Falling into Your Lap Award – Jim’s prank is completely based on Dwight and Michael’s fears of gays in the office. The term “gaydar” is just a phrase, but Michael and Dwight are much too literal men, therefore Jim steps in as a helpful “guide."

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