Monday, February 26, 2007

Michael and Dwight "Send Up" Accounting

The Carpet (Season 2, Episode 14)

Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute

Oscar Nunez, Kevin Malone and Angela Martin

After someone leaves a “present” in Michael’s office, he assumes Jim’s position and sits next to Dwight. Remembering back to days in the office with Packer, Michael asks Dwight to “send up” accounting. Not knowing what is happening, Dwight blindly agrees. Michael and Dwight saunter over to the back of the office and begin screaming and throwing everything they see. They wreck just about everything, save for Dwight not daring to touch anything of Angela’s. They depart triumphant, screaming “sales rules!” proudly.

Oscar and Kevin are left to clean up the chaos while Angela just has to rearrange her pencils and pens. Not too happy with Michael’s “send up,” Oscar explains (and laughs out) his feelings on what happened to his boss’ carpet.

3 – This might be the first time Michael has done it, but it definitely isn’t the first time he’s seen it done. If the cameras were around for Michael as a salesman, something tells me Packer would do this daily.

Length Taken
6 – A little too far. Michael goes crazy and throws any paper he sees as high as it will fly. Dwight, in contrast, scoots a pile of a desk and scatters pencils. That thing that most people have that tells us when things are a bad idea…Michael doesn’t have that.

Special Award
Bad Idea Award – Michael might not realize, but there are at least three people who wish they had left the “present” in his office.

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