Friday, February 16, 2007

Dwight Asks Out Katy

The Hot Girl (Season 1, Episode 6)

Jim Halpert

Dwight Schrute

When Katy, a hot girl who sells purses, comes into the office, Jim is nothing but encouraging to Dwight to ask her out. Dwight mentions Michael’s intentions, but Jim points out that Michael is Dwight’s “work boss” not his “relationship boss.” Egging on even further, Jim says they have a lot in common…like being in sales. Dwight doesn’t help his cause by suggesting he talk about the origins of Schrute. Jim sees his opportunity and mentions that Dwight should buy a purse if stalled in the conversation. Dwight is apprehensive, but Jim convinces him with a mention of GQ.

Dwight launches in with Jim and Pam providing commentary. Dwight makes the immediate impression by slamming the purse for a stress test and even stepping into one.

After buying a fantastic little number, Dwight thinks he’s in like flint. After lobbying with Michael over the right to Katie’s affections, he goes in for the kill. As Katie is showing purses to Angela, of all people, Dwight asks to speak with her and to go out with him. As she says no, he asks to which question. Katie says no on both counts. Hanging his head, Dwight departs.

8 – Nothing like a hot girl to entice a nerd out of his shell. Extra point for Jim sweeping in and grabbing a date after Dwight fails.

Length Taken
3 – After the initial push, all Jim had to do was to give thumbs up and off Dwight went. This is the prime example of minimum input with maximum output.

Special Award
Hot Girl-Nerd Award – Nothing puts more pressure on a nerd than to steer him in the direction of someone who has no business being with him/her.
Semi-Evil Award – Even though it is Dwight, you have to feel bad for the guy with the force and abruptness in which he is shot down.

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