Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Vampire Bite

Business School (Season 3, Episode 16)

Jim Halpert

Dwight Schrute


When a bat is found in the office, Jim takes advantage of Dwight’s reaction. Jim marks in plain sight of Dwight that his neck hurts, teeth are getting pointy, has a bad reaction to garlic bread, sees a blinding light off Angela’s crucifix, and remarks of the amount of sun in the office (to the point of covering his face with his jacket).

Lacking, but effective. Dwight was a little too busy to deal with the bat to deal with Jim, but the point was made. His wish of luck let Jim know that the prank was taken with sincerity.

8 – Would be higher if not for the only way you can go as it concerns bats. Supernatural creatures always interest Dwight, so more quick thinking from Jim bodes well.

Length Taken
7 – After coming from the hip, the creative juices have to be flowing quickly. Jim impresses in his quick reactions and allies in battle.

Special Award
From the Hip Award – Jim is one of the few people who know just how to deal with Dwight with no prior thinking of how the prank could go down. He sees a bat, sees Dwight’s reaction and makes sure that the main aspects of becoming a vampire are right in Dwight’s eyesight.
Sidekick Award – Involving Karen in with the plan. Karen was only there to lend support, but too much over-acting would have given it away to the always suspicious Dwight. Karen is no Pam in the drama department, but she’ll do.

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