Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dwight's Tape Recorder

Back from Vacation (Season 3, Episode 11)

Jim Halpert, Phyllis Lapin and Karen Filippelli

Dwight Schrute


With Michael on vacation, he leaves it to Dwight to record and transcribe meetings that he misses. Jim, always one for adaptation begins to scream into the recorder the fact that Dwight has taken off his pants, has a plastic knife to Stanley’s neck and is wearing a baby’s bonnet. Phyllis, in her rookie prank, joins in the fun and tells Dwight to get Michael an autograph from Jim Carrey (who just walked in the room). Karen goes right for the jugular and asks if Dwight has a Muppet Babies tattoo on his stomach. Jim reiterates the fact and states that it is indeed, Animal from the Muppet Babies. Andy tries to keep things going, but just brings a sense of awkwardness to the conference room as he says he is cutting off Phyllis’ head with a chainsaw.

Dwight is panic stricken, thinking that Michael will believe whatever Jim says over himself. He refutes everything said right after it is said, save for Andy’s answer…which rightfully has no reaction.

6 – Extra points for the Muppet Babies reference, but the loss of a point for forcing me to picture Dwight without pants, wearing a baby’s bonnet and holding a plastic knife to Stanley’s neck. I shiver with fear of the thought.

Length Taken
7 – It has been a long tradition of messing with Dwight by Jim, but when Karen and Phyllis join the fun, it brings it to a different level. If Andy could have come up with something creative and funny, this would have been one for the ages.

Special Award
Rookie Award – To Phyllis and Andy. Phyllis is a simpleton. She isn’t very high maintenance and she keeps to herself. Most of Jim’s jokes go over her head or she doesn’t try to understand, but this one is right up her alley. Though not too original, she gets the job done. On the other hand, Andy misses the prank all together and goes over everyone’s head. Despite the rest of the conference room stopping the fun, Andy continues, thinking of the hilarity.

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