Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jim Stares at Dwight's Forehead

The Merger (Season 3, Episode 8)

Jim Halpert

Dwight Schrute

Jim has to face many different things on his first day back to Scranton. These things include learning how to deal with Michael, his situation with Pam and again being face-to-face with Dwight. Wanting to establish his superiority early on, Dwight tells Jim what’s what. Jim, quick to adapt, begins to stare at Dwight’s forehead instead of looking him in the eyes.

Dwight wastes no time in freaking out about what could be wrong. Realizing that nothing is wrong with his head, Dwight starts to get mad and demands that Jim meet his eye line. Jim continues to stare, to the point that Dwight runs into the side of his desk.

6 – Many have done this before Jim, but not on someone like Dwight. I half expected Dwight to start jumping up and down to make sure Jim looks him in the eye.

Length Taken
5 – Nothing too complicated, but Jim does get some points for refusing to meet Dwight’s eyeline until he bumps into his own desk. Consistency is the key here.

Special Award
Paranoia Award – Dwight’s hairstyle and suit selection notwithstanding, he sees his appearance as a reflection of himself. With Jim coming back into the office, he wants to announce his superiority immediately. But, if something is wrong with his appearance, his plan is flawed and Jim plays to this fear.
Simplicity Award – Despite the amazing array of pranks Jim has pulled on Dwight in the past and will pull in the future, this one is just too simple to go unnoticed. He needs no accomplice, no props and all he does is stare at Dwight’s forehead for about a minute.

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