Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fun with Andy's Phone

The Return (Season 3, Episode 13)

Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly

Andy Bernard


Who knew that once one villain was killed, another more powerful villain who is more evil than the last would rise up in its place…eventually leading to the point where you want the old villain back. Andy is the perfect example. With Dwight gone, he has the advantage on the annoying-the-rest-of-the-office-for-no-reason market. He starts off by testing out his new ringtone, a four-part version of Rockin’ Robin (which took him for-ever), to Jim and lets it ring until Jim might strangle him. A quick pep talk leads to a singing of Benny and the Jets but instead singing Andy and the Tuna. His talents even lead to annoying Michael, who put up with Dwight for seven years. Realizing that the annoyance won’t stop until something is done, Jim goes over to recruit Karen for a prank, but is unable to deliver due to taking over Dwight’s sales load. After trying and failing to recruit Ryan (ask him 10 years ago), Jim goes to Pam who gladly accepts. After clumsily spilling his pens, Jim uses slight of hand to pick up Andy’s phone and takes it over to reception for the lovely Miss Beesly to hold on to. Without speaking, but synching up perfectly, Jim and Pam go over towards the breakroom and make the switch of the phone. As Pam blocks from the watercooler, Jim stands on the breakroom table, removes a tile and throws Andy’s phone above his desk. The only thing left to do is dial.

Jim joyously beats along to the tune as Andy searches for his phone; which Pam is calling. The next time, Jim calls as Andy begins to get frustrated. Sensing something is up, Andy begins to get angrier and searches around his desk, even looking in Phyllis’ desk. Continuing to hear the ringtone, Andy searches under the couch pillows and under reception. As Michael is just about to leave with Andy following, Jim saves him by calling his phone for a final time. Andy begins to scream and seems to blow some sort of blood vessel. Looking for an outlet for his anger, he punches a hole in the wall. “That was an overreaction…”

9 – The high number isn’t so much for the prank itself, but for the flawless and silent choreography and planning from Jim and Pam. As Jim stands from his desk, he doesn’t even look over; he just walks and knows that Pam is close behind. After the phone is placed, Pam makes the call without prompting.

Length Taken
10 – Jim and Pam went far enough to make Andy punch a hole through a half-inch of dry wall. They might have broke his brain.

Special Award
Instant Classic Award – Everything comes together exactly like it should in this one and is a prank for the ages. The preceding events, the silent choreography, the delivery, the reaction and even the impending result; all were perfect.

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