Monday, February 26, 2007

Jim's Prior Hijinks

Conflict Resolution (Season 2, Episode 21)

Jim Halpert

Dwight Schrute

Jim and Dwight have worked together for four years. In that time, Jim has flexed his pranking skills to a degree which has rarely been seen. When Michael calls the two foes into the conference room to solve their conflict, the past pranks Jim has pulled on Dwight come to light. Jim replaced all of Dwight’s pencils and pens with crayons. Jim paid everyone in the office $5 to call Dwight, Duane for a day (money well spent according to Halpert). Jim once put a bloody glove in Dwight’s desk to convince him he’s a murderer. Jim told Dwight there was an abandoned child in the girl’s bathroom, which he must inspect. When he did so, Dwight was treated to Meredith doing her duty. Dwight hit himself in the head with his phone. This was done by Jim putting nickels into Dwight’s handset day-by-day. Once Dwight was used to the weight, Jim removed the nickels, causing Dwight to smack himself in the head. Jim fixed Dwight’s computer (using a simple macro) to where every time he typed his name it spelled diapers. And finally, Jim used an entire day to move Dwight’s desk an inch closer to the copier every time he went to the bathroom, eventually being two feet closer.

Each one of these pranks was formal complaints to human resources. That folder looked pretty big, so it can be assumed that these were just a few of the highlights.

10 – He would have gotten a ten just with the nickels in the headset.

Length Taken
10 – Jim is king. All hail Jim.

Special Award
Tip of the Iceburg Award – Jim has pulled some doosies, but these are in a whole other league. Not to mention, four years of pranks with Jim averaging a prank a week is over 200 pranks. What I would give to have Toby’s job, just so I could see all the variations.
Originality Award – I still laugh at the thought of Dwight smacking himself in the head with his phone.


Anonymous said...

Macro is a voice, i believe, i know it is on my computer. Thats why i thought it was so funny. an auto correct would change the spelling, the macro played the word diapers through his computers speakers

Neb said...

I'm not sure about the logistics, but I do know that the only thing Jim said about it was, "Just a simple macro."

Anonymous said...

You guys don't know what a macro is? It's basically a script that specifies how an input sequence (Dwight typing his name) is output. So, in this example, the macro automatically changed the sequence Dwight to Diapers when typed from the keyboard.